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Ignite your mind with BrainElem

Lifelong learning backed by neuroscience and AI for schools, business and every day people. 

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Unleash your Brain's true potential

Discover Your Personal Cognitive Profile

BrainCore Tests, powered by our proprietary QNAD® Index, identify your unique learning strategies and cognitive behaviors to provide a clear picture of your personal learning and development needs.

Personalized Learning Experience

Our innovative approach is designed to adapt and respond to your unique learning style. Using the latest in neuroscience blended with AI, every concept, every lesson is tailored to fit you perfectly, helping you not only learn more but learn smarter.

A Portfolio of Solutions for Life-long Learning.

Discover our comprehensive suite of products including, BrainCore Test, BrainCore EDU,  BrainCore Sentinel and BrainCore Academy, as well as our consultancy practice for additional support. Let's transform your professional learning journey together.


About BrainElem 

Pioneering Neuro-Pedagogical Innovation

In a world that's constantly evolving, adaptability and continuous learning are key. At BrainElem, we're committed to empowering individuals to enhance their skills and effortlessly reach their educational objectives. We envision a future where the integration of our adaptive learning solutions with the digital and social fabric is seamless, enriching the educational landscape and fostering growth.

Our Solutions

BrainCore Tests Logo

A platform for educational institutions that supports teachers with the newest cognitive teaching methods, advanced tools & AI.

BrainCore Academy Logo

B2C E-learning platform offering individualized training pathways, supported by our virtual coach and by the BrainCore Academy community.

BrainCore Sentinel Logo

Based on our unique and exclusive cognitive profiling model, our HR Platform offers 100% personalized personal skills development.

BrainCore Tests Logo

Our proprietary cognitive assessment tests help each learner accelerate their learning capacity by optimizing their persona cross-disciplinary skills.

BrainCore Consulting Logo

We guide institutions in the creation and deployment of training solutions that increase their entrepreneurial agility.

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

Albert Einstein

Sylvie O.

Graduate of the Nemesis School and now student at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland

"Thanks to the BrainCore method, I have rediscovered the pleasure of studying. I realized that everything is possible if you have the right keys to learn. I regained my confidence and succeeded in completing my school-leaving certificate. My dream of going to university came true."

Dominique T.

Teacher, CFAI of Istres, France

"BrainCore helps develop interpersonal skills and cognitive strategies in response to different situations. Pupils become more active and engaged during lessons. This pedagogical diagnostic tool helps young people to deepen their knowledge of themselves, but also of their abilities, their role and their function in a group.”

Evich M.

Head of a vocational training course, Pôle Formation Compétences CIPEN, Arles, France

"The drop-out rate has been reduced by a factor of 5 in our vocational training course since the introduction of the BrainCore method. Our teachers are now able to provide individual support to the most difficult students from day one, which increases their motivation and prevents them from dropping out.”

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