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Become a Certified BrainCore Consultant

Joining the community of "BrainCore Certified Consultants" means first and foremost taking an active part in the revolution we are preparing to communicate and deploy worldwide.

Revolutionize teaching methods in schools, human capital management in companies, and children's education, by taking into account the latest discoveries in neuroscience.

Discover our complete ecosystem and benefit from our unique solutions! They bring you real added value in your consulting work, while helping you to develop your commercial business.

You'll be amazed at the power of our solutions, supported by our virtual coach who will stimulate your customers into action. You'll be able to create and track personal development projects for each of them, or automatically generate individualized training paths to accelerate their learning capacities.


Are you a social person who puts people first?


Do you have a network to develop? Do you have a few years' experience in the field of personal development, either in an educational context or in human resources?


Are you motivated to join our active community and determined to get involved in its development, the fruit of 20 years of neuroscience research?


Become BrainCore Consultant Today

Become a "BrainCore Certified Consultant" by taking part in our online training course (theory and practice), with an in-person practical certification exam.

We're convinced that your know-how, combined with our expertise, will open up new prospects for success, and will be a welcome addition to our community.

Thanks for applying. We will get back to you shortly.

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