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Harness the power of neuroplasticity for your organization.

Transform your companies learning experience with our data-driven, neuroscientific approach. Ensure success and elevate your learning & development and educational processes with a tailored approach from BrainCore Consulting.


Leverage neuroplasticity for organizational success

At BrainCore Consulting, we help you take advantage of the latest in neuroscience and neuropedagogy to create tailored learning experiences and orgnisational transformation processes that:

Boost cognitive abilities for both educators and learners

We help enhance memory, attention, problem-solving, and creativity among team members.

Unlock personal growth in individual and team context

We guide individuals in achieving goals, developing new habits, and cultivating a growth mindset.

Optimize brain performance for visible results

We provide tools and strategies to learn more effectively, retain information better, and apply knowledge with ease.

A trusted partner for your transformation

With BrainCore Consulting, you're in safe hands as we guide you through transformational processes leveraging neuroscience, ai and innovation in learning development and education processes.

Expert guidance

Expert guidance for transformation

Harnessing neuroplasticity to drive transformation in learning or business environments can be a complex process. BrainCore Consulting experts have more than 20 years of experience in the proven practical implementation of neuroscience within classroom and business contexts.

Minimized risk

Reduced risk, amplified potential

Change can bring uncertainty. Thanks to our proven methods and expert team, we minimize the risks often associated with transformative processes, to ensure potential pitfalls are avoided, allowing your team to reap the benefits at every step of the process.

Schedule a free consultation with BrainCore Consulting to learn how to maximize your organization's potential.


Support exactly when, where and how you need it

BrainCore Consulting provides personalized approach based on an initial assessment of an your organization’s needs. A pre-planned roadmap, regular check-ins, evaluations and the use of technology ensure that your implementation goes on without a hitch.

Tailored Approach:

BrainCore Consulting follows a structured process that begins with an initial assessment to evaluate strengths and areas for improvement for each educator and learner. Based on these insights, we develop tailored implementation program that leverages our tools, know-how and best-practices to align with each individual's organizations learning needs.

Hands-on implemention

Regular evaluations are conducted to gauge progress and fine-tune strategies according to evolving learning needs. In addition to short-term gains, our consultancy service is focused on empowering our clients and their staff and students with lifelong skills, ensuring the long-term sustainability of knew and developing knowledge.

Customized Learning Experience:

Our consultancy process includes the use of our proprietary BrainCore methodology and BrainCore technology-assisted learning tools inreal-world applications to enhance neuroplasticity outcomes. This customized approach promotes changes in the brain and fosters long-lasting learning development.

BrainCore is a comprehensive neurolearning solution

Neuro Activated Diagnostic® (NAD) assessment

Neuro Activated Diagnostic® (NAD) assessment

BrainCore Reports

Comprehensive, individualized BrainCore Edu and BrainCore Pro reports

Detailed, actionable insights into learning and behavior

Detailed, actionable insights into learning and behavior

Precise, in-depth, individual cognitive profiles

Precise, in-depth, individual cognitive profiles

Recommendations for targeted interventions

Recommendations for targeted interventions

24/7 support for students with BrainCore's Virtual Coach

24/7 support for students with BrainCore's Virtual Coach

Optimal team and project group composition

Optimal team and project group composition

Demonstrable outcomes and significant improvements

Demonstrable outcomes and significant improvements

Improve cognitive abilities, & foster personal growth

Are you a leader in a small or medium business, a corporate sector, or an education administrator who believes in the power of continuous learning and growth? You're no doubt looking for innovative ways to enhance the skills and knowledge of your team. BrainCore Consulting is here for you.

Our innovative neuroscience for business based consultancy is designed to help organizations like yours unlock the potential of their team members. Science has proven that every brain has the remarkable ability to rewire itself throughout life, forming new neural connections in response to experiences and learning. This phenomenon, known as neuroplasticity, is the key to unlocking the potential of your team.




We start with a comprehensive consultation with a with one of our experts. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your organization's learning and development needs, assessing various factors such as team strengths and weaknesses, support needs, areas for improvement, issues with existing training and/or educational methods, approaches and programs and organizational goals.


Custom Roadmap

Based on the insights gained from the initial consultation, we create a custom roadmap for your organization and/or school. This roadmap leverages BrainCore Test results and provides required training in neuroplasticity and neuroscience principles and our BrainCore methodology, to ensure teaching and learning & development staff have the base-knowledge required to ensure success of the project.


Tailored Supervised Implementation

The final step involves a guided implementation within your organization. BrainCore consultants will work closely with your team, providing the necessary support and supervision as they embark on this transformative learning journey. Regular evaluations are conducted to track progress, and the roadmap is iterated as necessary to ensure successful implementation.

How we work

Together, we can unlock the potential of your team and achieve your organizational goals.

Enhance change management with neuroscience: leverage brain science for smoother transitions and improved learning outcomes.

Empower leaders & facilitate change 

Equip leaders with neuroscience-based practices to design targeted interventions and foster smoother transitions during change initiatives.

Future-proof your workforce 

Develop critical skills like problem-solving and collaboration, preparing employees for the evolving work landscape.

Personalized learning & development 

Understand individual learning styles and tailor training plans for effective knowledge transfer and higher engagement.

Foster skill development through practice 

Encourage active participation through neuropedagogical-based learning, allowing employees to apply newly acquired skills in real-world scenarios and solidify their understanding.

Implement smoother transitions and future-proof your workforce with BrainCore's personalized learning and development approach!

"The drop-out rate has been reduced by a factor of 5 in our vocational training course since the introduction of the BrainCore method. Our teachers are now able to provide individual support to the most difficult students from day one, which increases their motivation and prevents them from dropping out.”

Evich M. Head of a vocational training course, Pôle Formation Compétences CIPEN, Arles, France

Transform your organisation now!

Provide leaders and staff with data-driven insights and tools they need to ensure your organisation’s success.

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