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Tailored Learning for Every Student

With BrainCore Edu each student receives a neuroscience-based, individualized educational experience that aligns with their specific learning style, pace, and interests.


Education Reimagined

Integrate BrainCore Edu into your school and witness a transformative shift in learning outcomes. Our neuroscience-based system has been proven to enhance academic achievement, boost motivation, and foster a love of learning.

Innovative Learning Diagnostics

BrainCore’s innovative QNAD® Index defines each student’s unique cognitive strengths and areas for growth, providing educators with the insights they need to create personalized learning paths.

Enhance Academic Achievement

Empower educators with the latest developments in neuropedagogy. BrainCore enables teachers created lesson plans tailored to each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning style - unlocking the door to life-changing academic achievements.

Foster A Love Of Learning

Transform classrooms into dynamic learning ecosystems that promote collaboration, neuroplasticity, student success and life-long love of learning.

Empower Your Students to Unleash Their Full Potential

Revolutionize your teaching approach with BrainCore Edu. Developed by experts in neuroscience and cognitive pedagogy, BrainCore's Neuro Activated Diagnostic® (NAD®) provides you with personalized insights into how your students learn, enabling you to tailor your instruction and accelerate their academic success.

Demystify your Students Learning Process

Understand what each students needs with ease.

The QNAD® assessment delves into the depths of your students' neurocognitive functioning, revealing their strengths, weaknesses, and preferred learning styles.

Personalized Instruction for Accelerated Growth

Tailor teaching methods to individual strengths & challenges.

By understanding the unique cognitive profiles of your students, you can foster accelerated learning, enhance motivation, and improve academic outcomes across your classroom.

Schedule a personalized demo today and see exactly how BrainCore can transform your classroom.


Inspire, Guide, and Nurture - Enrich Learning with BrainCore Edu

Revolutionize your school's learning experience: Transform your school into a beacon of personalized learning, innovation and excellence.

The Ultimate Teacher's Toolbox

BrainCore Edu allows teachers to create personalized learning plans and effectively manage diverse groups of students, streamlining the teaching process from lesson planning to execution.

Uncover Hidden Potential

BrainCore'Edu's deep assessment unveils each student's unique abilities, issues, and emotional models. By identifying areas of difficulty and suggesting personalized strategies, BrainCore equips teachers with timely support that propels student success.

Bolster Collaborative Learning

BrainCore Edu enables students to learn from each other’s strengths and be supportive when tackling each other’s weaknesses. This creates an engaging learning experience and boosts academic achievement.

BrainCore Edu is a comprehensive neuropedagogy solution

NAD Icon

Neuro Activated Diagnostic® (NAD) assessment

BrainCore Edu Reports

Comprehensive, individualized BrainCore Edu reports

Actionable insights from BrainCore Edu

Detailed, actionable insights into student learning and behavior

BrainCore personalized learning profiles

Precise, in-depth, individual cognitive profiles

BrainCore Targeted academic interventions

Recommendations for targeted academic interventions

BrainCore Virtual Coach

24/7 support for students with BrainCore's Virtual Coach

BrainCore  Edu Classroom optimizations

Optimal class and project group composition

Demonstrable outcomes and significant improvements

Demonstrable outcomes and significant improvements

Our brains are the key to resolving the issues modern schools face.

Neuroscience helps us understand how our brains function, acquire, assimilate knowledge. BrainCore Edu takes these theoretical insights and translates them into tangible, practical applications.

Thanks to neurodidactics we analyze the key brain functions and structures that are involved in teaching-learning processes, thus building methodologies and materials that support and promote brain plasticity of both individual students and classes, as a whole.

BrainCore Edu allows educators to both take individualized approaches to learning, while taking full advantage of social dynamics as part of the learning processes using predictive, proven techniques with measurable outcomes.



Science-driven pedagogical tool

Our innovative approach utilizes a multi-dimensional approach, which provides precise learning diagnostics based on the latest scientific discoveries in brain plasticity.


Help every student achieve more

BrainCore Edu personalizes learning for every student, unlocking their full potential and transforming learning difficulties into strengths. This empowers them to achieve academic goals faster and easier.


The best way to upgrade your school

BrainCore Edu delivers comprehensive diagnostics for your school, ensures robust educational outcomes, and significantly boosts teacher productivity and effectiveness.

Your school needs BrainCore Edu

Empower your students to reach their full potential and achieve academic excellence with BrainCore Edu.

Improve the teacher-learner experience thanks to neuroscientific data enabled with AI

Ensure student success with predictive analytics

Prepare lessons considering students' needs, track progress, adjust plans, and identify class-specific issues.

Enable training staff with the latest developments in Neuropedagogy.

Use feedback from the BrainCore Edu Test to make lesson plans that inspire life-long learning. Teach your students in the best way for their brain.

Future-Proofing Education

Many future jobs don't exist yet. Teach skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork based on BrainCore Edu Test results.

Automated Soft Skills Projects: Learn by Doing

Create projects for your classes with specific recommendations and learnings on how to develop soft skills problem areas.

Learn how BrainCore Edu can revolutionize your teacher's approach to pedagogy, prepare students for the future, and inspire life-long learning, today!

BrainCore Edu has given me a new perspective on the learning process. It's helped me understand the different dimensions of how we learn, which enables me to better help students. Plus, BrainCore provides ways to help students improve where they're struggling. This makes room for teaching methods designed for each student's unique needs.

Mauro F, Teacher & BrainCore User

Transform your classroom now!

Provide teachers & parents with data-driven insights and tools they need to ensure student's success.

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