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Harness the power of neuro- management

BrainCore Sentinel helps you understand the capabilities of new hires and develop & accelerate cognitive transfer in the workplace with neuroscience-based HR processes and learning & development strategies.


Leverage neuroscience to balance staff needs with your business goals

BrainCore Sentinel uses neuromanagement principles to foster innovative and agile organizations through tailored learning experiences, AI and effective management of human resources.

Innovative HR & L&D diagnostics

BrainCore’s innovative QNAD® Index defines each potential hire's and employee's unique cognitive strengths and areas for growth, providing leaders with the insights they need to create effective personal development plans.

Grow talent & build careers

Empower managers with the latest developments in neuroplasticity. BrainCore Sentinel enables learning and development staff to created development plans tailored to each new hires and existing employees strengths, weaknesses, and learning style - unlocking the door to continuous skill development.

Future proof your workplace

Accelerate and adapt your leadership approach to cultural & generational diversity, assure alignment, and develop key future competencies like communication, collaboration, critical thinking & creativity and hard skills like new technologies and digital dexterity.

Create teams that work efficiently and with ease

Revolutionize your team and project management approach with BrainCore. Developed by experts in neuroscience and cognitive pedagogy, BrainCore's Neuro Activated Diagnostic® (NAD®) provides you with personalized insights into how your employees work, enabling you to tailor your organizational structure and accelerate performance.

Science-based team acceleration

Minimize the risk of team conflicts

The QNAD® assessment delves into the depths of your employee’s neurocognitive functioning, revealing their strengths, weaknesses, and preferred ways of working, allowing you make the right choice when creating teams and projects.

Build culture of innovation

Encourage collaboration and experimentation

Drive excellence in your established and new employees alike: develop effective, tailored training programs, onboard employees faster, and accelerate team synergy and productivity.

Schedule a demo and discover how BrainCore Sentinel can reshape your workplace and future-proof your workforce today!


Get scientifically strategic with your learning & development

BrainCore Sentinel is a holistic solution that addresses the entire employee lifecycle for innovative, agile organizations

Revolutionize attraction & recruitment

Helps hiring managers build tailored, candidate-specific learning and development paths as early as during the hiring process. Check candidates’ soft skill set, working and learning style, culture fit, and identify and mitigating risks during selection.

Smooth onboarding & development

Empower team leaders to ensure new hires are onboarded in the most effective way possible, by tailoring onboarding to the new hires learning style and individual needs, setting them up for success from day one. Thanks to automated skill-gap analysis, managers can build new skills & capabilities, develop specialized teams, and introduce, monitor and accelerate new projects aligned to business needs, with individualized learning paths and training.

Ensure retention and positive separation

Allow managers to build clear automated, self-learning paths and AI virtual coaching for development of new skills and role-advancement, with built-in certifications and rewards for every employee. Thanks to continuous tailored science-based learning programs, growth and incentives that encourage employees to stay at your company longer as they follow clear paths to move on to different roles and seniority.

BrainCore Sentinel is a holistic neuromanagement solution

Neuro Activated Diagnostic® (NAD) assessment

Neuro Activated Diagnostic® (NAD) assessment

Comprehensive, individualized BrainCore Pro

Comprehensive, individualized BrainCore Pro

Detailed, actionable insights into learning and behavior

Detailed, actionable insights into learning and behavior

Precise, in-depth, individual cognitive profiles

Precise, in-depth, individual cognitive profiles

Recommendations for targeted interventions

Recommendations for targeted interventions

24/7 support for staff with BrainCore's Virtual Coach

24/7 support for staff with BrainCore's Virtual Coach

Optimal team and project group composition

Optimal team and project group composition

Demonstrable outcomes and significant improvements

Demonstrable outcomes and significant improvements

Neuromanagement is the key to unlocking the potential of your HR processes & programs

Neuromanagement is an emerging field that applies neuroscience to improve organizational performance. It focuses on understanding how the brain functions and using this knowledge to enhance decision-making, attention, feedback, and employee well-being.

At BrainCore we know that neuromanagement leads to better decision-making, increased employee engagement, and improved organizational performance. Implementing BrainCore Sentinel allows you to apply neuromanagement principles to all of your key knowledge-management and HR processes including educating leaders and employees, identifying areas for improvement, addressing challenges, and measuring the impact of day to day operations and strategic projects.



BrainCore Pro test

Candidates and/or employees take our BrainCore Pro Test. Based in 20 years of research, the test determines the test taker’s learning strategies, potential & brain performance, providing specific solutions for their growth and self-development and tailors a learning development program specific to their needs.


Cognitive profile generated

BrainCore Sentinel calibrates the results and creates a cognitive profile with a full report on Areas of Development. The results of the test build thier 5 spectrum Neuro Activated Diagnostic Value, which determines the learner’s cognitive profile and the cognitive load that the learner can handle.


Learning path created

Based on the cognitive profile, BrainCore Sentinel builds learning paths. This is also tailored to criteria defined by the employee’s manager, who can monitor their learning and development journey. The system adapts as they complete modules and courses, providing tailored tips, and individual virtual coaching.

The BrainCore Process

Ready to transform you workplace?

Unleash the transformative benefits of neuromanagement with BrainCore Sentinel

Empower strategic decision-making

Neuromanagement leverages brain science for better, more efficient decisions, driving growth and success.

Boost organizational performance

Aligning management practices with neuroscience, neuromanagement optimizes productivity and fosters innovation.

Enhance employee engagement

By catering to the brain's intrinsic needs, neuromanagement boosts employee engagement and inspires them to achieve greatness.

Create a resilient workforce

Neuromanagement helps to mitigate stress effects, manage attention effectively and foster a growth mindset, creating a resilient and effective workforce.

Ready to empower your organization to reach its full potential with BrainCore Sentinel's innovative neuromanagement solutions?

Elevate your managers into neuroleaders with BrainCore Sentinel. Create more efficient, effective and collaborative leadership and management teams to take your organization to the next level.

Transform your workplace now!

Don't wait, drive breakthrough results with BrainCore Sentinel's data-driven neuromanagement strategies.

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